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Damon and Lu Holter from Vision Grills Pro Team, Croix Valley Sauces, show you how to make a delicious Chorizo Breakfast Burrito on the Vision Grill

Another great recipe from Damon & Lu

Damon and Lu


  • KMSAuto Net says:

    Add toppings. If you haven’t added toppings yet, put them on top. Sprinkle cheese onto the mount of ingredients. Load sour cream or salsa along the line. This can be a fun way to spice up your breakfast burrito.

  • Filled with chili seasoned potatoes, chorizo and scrambled eggs, these morning burritos are a fun and lightly spicy breakfast, designed to fill you up and get you excited for the day! Green salsa balances out the richness of the filling with its tangy, fresh flavor.

  • Consider grilling the burrito. For a tasty twist, plop the rolled burrito back onto a pan or grill to char the sides. Grill on a high heat for 20-60 seconds until the tortilla firms up and grill marks appear.

  • Jonas says:

    English Puzzle. Watch the video. It is grilled beautifully!

  • Joel says:

    Looks like lively start to the day when it’s served with a glass of white 😉

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