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Our Vision Grill Lineup

Professional C. Series

The Vision Grills Professional C-Series Ceramic Kamado has re-set the bar for design and innovation with its separate calibrated control systems for both smoking & grilling.

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Professional S. Series

If you’re looking for an extremely versatile Ceramic Kamado grill, then this grill is for you! This patented grill offers all the cooking versatility and expansive temperature range of our other grills, along with our innovative ProZone™.

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Diamond Cut B. Series

Uniting the familiar simplicity of calibrated sliding temperature control with the convenience of our sliding ash removal drawer, the Classic B-Series with Ash Drawer proves that you can have your cake and eat it too.

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HD1-1 Series

Anything your oven, charcoal, and gas grill can do, Vision Grills Heavy Duty 1-Series Ceramic Kamado Grill can do better. Quick start-up time, versatile cooking temperatures, and full flavor.

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Cadet Series

You can’t always bring the party to the grill. But with the Vision Grills Cadet you can bring the grill to just about any party.

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