Large Plus Ceramic Kamado Grill

The Large Plus has a lot going on and all the necessary space to accommodate it. No need to spread things out; now, you can just keep your accessories consolidated in one, revolutionary place. Located on both the top vent & in the bottom Pro Zone™, the Large Plus has built-in charcoal smoker & grilling control knobs to give you ultimate control throughout the entire temperature spectrum — from the low slow-smoking temperatures all the way up through the blazing heat horsepower needed for grilling and searing.

Vision Grills offers high-quality Ceramic Kamado Grill construction, rock-solid warranties, and U.S.-based customer service.

Large Plus Ceramic Kamado Grill Features…

  • Color: Black Rattan finish
  • Construction: Heavy duty ceramic exterior body and fire bowl
  • 2-Tiered Cooking Grates (sq. in.): 714 square inch stainless steel top flip grate & cast iron bottom grate with handles for easy addition of charcoal and smoking wood chunks
  • Grill/Smoker Fuel Type: Charcoal – lump charcoal always recommended – C-Series Quickchange Gas Insert Compatible
  • Heat Thermometer: Integrated easy-to-read thermometer with cooking temperature zones
  • Bottom Draft Vent: Patented ProZone™ includes Electric Starter Port for quick lighting, dedicated Smoking and Grilling Knobs for precise control, and Removable Ash Drawer for easy clean up.
  • Top Draft Vent: Calibrated Cast Iron
  • Cooking Space: Cast iron bottom grate and stainless steel top grate
  • Flexible Grill Light: For night time grilling
  • Cover: Heavy duty UV-protected cape style vinyl cover with easy Velcro closure and Vision Grills branding
  • Electric Starter: Starter slides directly into our ProZone™ starter port for effortless charcoal lighting
  • Cooking Stone: 100% Natural Lava Stone for stone cooking pizzas or to create an indirect heating environment for smoking and baking
  • Wheels: 4 high quality swivel casters, 2 locking casters
  • Assembly Required: 15-20 minutes (All assembly tools included)
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime for all ceramic parts, five (5) years for all metal parts, 90-days for side shelves, temperature gauge, and bakelite tab and 1-year for cover. This Warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners

Features, specifications, and parts may vary by retailer

Large Plus Series, Large Plus-Series


Large Plus Series, Large Plus-Series

The Vision Grills Ceramic Kamado is truly something deliciously different.

Large Plus Series, Large Plus-Series
Large Plus Series, Large Plus-Series
Large Plus Series, Large Plus-Series