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Damon and Lu Holter from Vision Grills Pro Team, Croix Valley Sauces, show you their recipe for Pork Shoulder

Another great recipe from Damon & Lu

Damon and Lu


  • Gary says:

    What temp is the grill and what wood for smoking?

  • 300 degrees and use a combination of both hickory and apple

  • Ben says:

    So it’s really only smoked for the first two hours here – once wrapped in tin foil it’s not going to absorb any more smoke flavor, right?

  • “While the recipe says it may be helpful to cover the meat with foil, that stall generally happens around 170F. By the time the meat is over ~120F, it won’t absorb much additional smoke flavor and the meat would likely have been on the grill for more than 5-6 hours uncovered.”

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