Vision Grill Accessory Pack (8-Piece)


Get all of our Favorite Accessories in our Vision Grill Accessory Pack!

This Bundle includes all of our most popular items!

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Vision Grill Accessory Pack (8-Piece)


Take your Kamado Grill to the next level with this 8-piece Accessory Pack. Each Accessory Pack includes a (1) Lava Cooking Stone/Heat Deflector and Bracket, (1) Cast Iron Griddle, (1) Standing Rib Rack, (1) Electric Starter, (1) Stainless Steel Chicken Roaster, (2) Branded Leather Gloves and (1) Storage Holster for the Electric Starter (to retrofit your Vision Grill). All are made with the same care and quality you’ve come to expect from Vision Grills.

  • Dual purpose 100% natural lava cooking stone/heat deflector- doubles as a pizza stone and heat deflector for indirect cooking and smoking- includes stainless steel brackets
  • Half-moon cast iron griddle- perfect for your frying, searing and sauteing needs
  • Stainless steel chicken roaster- for cooking chicken or other small game bird
  • Branded leather gloves- protects your hands from the heat of BBQing
  • Holster for the electric starter- retrofits your Vision Grill to store your electric starter
  • Electric starter – for quickly lighting your charcoal
  • Standing rib rack – conveniently smoke up 6 ribs while optimizing space on your grill

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