Standard Felt Gasket or Premium Nomex Felt Gasket


Gasket kits cover the lid, base, and around the top vent opening.

The Silicone Adhesive is NOT  used with Felt Gaskets or Nomex.

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Vision Grills Gasket Kit

Our Standard Felt Gaskets are a black felt gasket that is approximately 1/8 inch thick. It is heat resistant and has an adhesive already affixed to the back.

The Nomex Gasket is our Premium Felt Gasket that is approximately 1/4 inch thick. It is a heat resistant and woven felt that is tighter and more durable than the Standard Felt Gasket.


  • The Nomex Gasket will last longer than the Standard Felt Gasket.
  • Gasket kits cover the lid, base, and underneath the top vent.
  • Each length of gasket will self-adhere to the grill after removal of its paper backing
  • NO SILICONE IS NEEDED for these Kits!
  • These kits come with enough gasket to fit all of our grill models!

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