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Delicious smoked turkey on your Vision Grill


There are a lot of ways to smoke a turkey! This recipe will be one of the best, if not THE best, you have ever tasted. We took this, tried and true, brine recipe from cooking blog My Cookocracy, and altered it to cook on a Vision Grill.

The brine is easy! The list of ingredients may seem a little long, but just dump it all in the brining bucket and let it do its work:



1 (20 lbs) turkey

For the Brine:

1 1/2 cups of Kosher Salt

1 bottle of red wine

1 bottle of white wine

32 ounces of chicken broth

4-6 naval oranges

1 head of peeled garlic gloves

4 large onions

1/4 cup of whole black peppercorns

6 bay leaves

Handful of cloves

After the Brine:

Vegetable Oil

Soy Sauce

Ground black pepper

1/4 of a large onion

6 cloves of chopped garlic

1 apple

For a turkey approximately 20 pounds: Dissolve the kosher salt (not table salt!) in 4 quarts of boiling water. Add to your brining bucket or stockpot. Pour in the bottle of red wine, the bottle of white wine, and the chicken broth. Squeeze the naval oranges into the brine and throw in the peels. Coarsely chop an entire head of peeled garlic cloves and add to the brine. Coarsely chop the large onions and add to the brine. Add ¼ cup of whole black peppercorns, 6 bay leaves and a handful of whole cloves. Stir it all together and place the rinsed bird BREAST SIDE DOWN into the brine. Place in the refrigerator for 12 plus hours. Don’t be concerned if your turkey comes out purple! I just means it will taste fantastic!!

The next morning, dry the turkey thoroughly with paper towels, rub it down with vegetable oil and then massage soy sauce over the entire turkey. Generously cover with fresh ground, black pepper. Place the turkey on a rack in a turkey pan. (We used a big foil pan!) Tear off two large sheets of foil and fold one end into a point! Place the point between the turkey legs and bring the foil up over the body of the turkey. Brush vegetable oil on the side of the foil that touches the turkey to keep it from sticking.

Inside the turkey cavity, stuff it with a quarter onion, 6 cloves chopped garlic and the apple, quartered and cored. (Be sure to remove anything already in the cavity)


Heat your Vision Grill to 500 degrees! Place the lava stone in the holder, under the grill grates. Once the grill is 500 degrees, place the turkey (in the pan) on the top grate rack and close the lid. Let the turkey cook for 30 minutes. (The temp will drop significantly when you add the cold turkey, don’t worry about it!!) This will give the turkey a nice golden skin and will hold in the juices. After 30 minutes, remove the turkey and cool the grill down to around 325 degrees. Insert a heat safe thermometer into the thickest part of the turkey breast and cook it to 165 degrees. Remove the turkey at this point and let it rest, keeping foil in place, for 45 minutes and carve. Enjoy!



  • Jim says:

    Looks good. Approximately how long does it take to finish at 325 degrees?

  • Rob says:

    It depends on the size of turkey. I would start checking a 20 pound turkey after 4 hours or so – may take up to 6 hours. The key is the temperature.

  • Duane says:

    Title is “Smoked Turkey” but you don’t say anything about smoke. I’ve never done smoke with my grill real hot like 500 degrees. Removing the lava stone to add wood chips is daunting.. How do we smoke it?

  • Leah Herron says:

    Cooking at 500 degrees for 30 minutes browns the turkey and seals in the juices. You can add a chunk or two of the wood you would like to use at the beginning and not worry about removing the lava stone. By adjusting the air control down to very low, the temp will drop by the time you put the turkey back on in 30 minutes. It’s ok if it is still a little high, it will continue to move downward. The turkey will still have a smokey flavor.

  • andy O. says:

    Alternate method (simple) for a 19 lbs turkey. I just finished my today and this is what I did. I washed the turkey completely; then I dry it with a napkin. I stuffed it with slices of apples, grapefruits, and onions. I oiled with olive oil. I seasoned it with chicken seasoning spices that I rack, salt, and pepper. cover with foil the wings and the bones on the legs. Grill preparation: Fill 1/3 of lump charcoal into the grill. About a pile a little higher than the air holes on the wall of the grill and ensure the surface is covered. Wait till is about half burned then insert 4-6 chunks of apple wood, place the lava stone, the grill grate, and close the lid. Wait till it reaches 500 degrees. Spread olive oil on the grates with a brush and place the turkey. Close the lid and watch the temperature as it drops to 400 degrees. Adjust the knobs so it can reach 500 again. Mine worked with the number 2 on the top and 6 on the bottom. After 30 minutes get the turkey out and bring the temp to 280-325. Add 1 more chunk of apple wood if desire. Place the turkey in and wait approximately 3-4 hrs and measure the breasts temperature. then unwrap the foil from the wings and leg bones. Once it hits 165 degrees get it out and let it rest for 10 mins. Enjoy.

  • Dave D says:

    Could you make gravy from the drippings from this recipe after brining? How would you do that?

  • Roger says:

    How does it brown for 30 mins with foil on it?

  • David D says:

    HI Dave you needed to cook the turkey over a drip pan. This year I used a drip pan and put the turkey on a rib holder. It worked great and the gravy we collected was awesome.

  • Jim says:

    I used a turkey sitter with beer in the ceramic holder with the turkey inside a drip pan. Brought the Visions Pro up to 500 with the lava rock in place then placed the turkey in and let the temp drop to 325 for 4.5 hours and 185 degrees internal , the turkey was very moist. I was afraid we had overlooked the turkey as the temp was over 185 degrees at 4 hours.
    We had used the brine soak overnite and found out the turkey was a little salty tasting, some turkeys already have turkey juice , salt and sodium phosphate added. Next turkey we get like this we will skip the brine soak. Read the turkey wrap ingredients.
    I don’t understand removing the turkey to let the temp drop, The visions pro can be regulated with the vents eliminating the steps of removing the turkey and then adding the lava rock. Our turkey was brown and very tasty, I did use some hickory with the charcoals.

  • Andrew says:

    It’s not fully covered, if you put the foil between the legs and fold it over the turkey as the instructions state, it is still exposed enough to crisp it up.

  • David Kroetsch says:

    What is the lava stone (holder) you mention in the set-up for the recipe?

  • Jacky A says:

    I don’t brine my turkey. I use an injector sauce and it’s super moist; even the white meat. I set the grill to 225-250. It’s done when the internal temperature is 170-180. Oh, I do baste it with melted butter before smoking it to brown the skin. I’m not a bbq pit master champion, but I’ve made 6 turkeys this way and they turn out GREAT! So good that I just don’t make it for the holidays.

  • Rick says:

    I always used a Weber kettle but now have a Vision. I always put a 18-29 lb turkey on it @325-350in 3-3.5 hrs. to 160.. If I just put it on at 275 or so will it brown or start at 400 like it dais and try to cool it down. It takes a while to cool down.

  • david says:

    how long to smoke around a 10 lbs turkey

  • Ed says:

    First off, the directions for this recipe are confusing. A picture should have been shown for the pointed aluminum foil folded over the turkey, because it’s hard to visualize what the author intends to do.
    Secondly this recipe, called “Smoked Turkey,” is not really a smoking recipe. Smoking is done at low temperatures in the range or 225 F to 250 F. This recipe on the other hand uses a 325 degree setting…sorry that’s a “grilled” turkey. There’s another turkey recipe on this website called Backyard BBQ Turkey which is actually a better example of a smoked turkey recipe.

  • Brian says:

    I’m trying your way out. I’m not Wolfgang Puck. Virgin Oil…Injector Salsarama…Threw the mother on the grill…Keeping at 300

  • Brandon P says:

    The foil part is the worst instructions I’ve ever read in my life. A pictures woukd have helped. It just says cover the body of the bird. And then in one of the comments it says if you follow the directions there is enough of the bird exposed to crisp it up. I don’t see how it could crisp up if you “bring the foil up over the body of the turkey.” Sounds delicious and I’ll comment whether mine turned out good(with a few alternatives). Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Brandon P says:

    Well, I tried this with a 12 lb bird. It did not work. Was overlooked in an hour. Tough as a $2 steak. Guess I should’ve found a 20 lb bird. Oh well. Smelled great. The least overlooked parts tasted pretty good too. I’ll definitely try it again. But not with a 12 lb bird. Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

  • Brandon P says:


  • Richard says:

    Great recipe for vision grill. We cooked a 20 pnd turkey today in 5 hours. Started at 7:45am cooked at 500-525 for 30 minutes. Took off grill and closed grill vents. After 30 minutes grill was around 450. Left vents closed and put turkey back on grill. Temp was down to 350 in about 60 minutes. Every hour we used a baster to squeeze drip pan juices over top of turkey. Turkey internal temp read 165-175 by 12:45 pm. We put the turkey in the brine at 6pm the night before and took it out 6am that morning so 12hr total brine time. You could taste the flavors of the brine but it wasn’t too overwhelming. Really great tasting turkey. This is my new favorite way to cook turkey.

  • Brian S says:

    We cooked this recipe for Thanksgiving yesterday. It turned out fantastic with some modifications to the recipe. I needed to use table salt in the brine so I cut the amount to less than ½ cup. Before the cook we coated the bird with Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy Dust along with black pepper on the breast side and a Cajon rub with black pepper on the other side. We buttered the bird twice during the cook; and drizzled it with honey during the last hour. The honey didn’t add much flavor but it did add a glossy coating to the bird. We placed the bird directly on the grate and added a small handful of apple wood chips around the perimeter of the charcoal once the grill cooled to 300 deg. We removed the bird when it reached 175 deg. In the future I will cook this again but will use 250 degrees after the 500 degree browning. While the 13.5 lb bird was done and juicy it was not near fall off the bone done as we like it. Stuffing the bird with apple didn’t really add anything so next time I’ll substitute an orange. The Vision Classic was easy to control and holds a very stable temperature once adjusted.

  • Brian S says:

    Plan on a 3-4 hour cook but you will be watching the temperature of the meat not the time to tell when the bird will be done. Keep a close eye on the cooking temperature, keep it stable and don’t let it get too high. My bird came off the grill looking and tasting great!

  • WHitney Clark says:

    How do you cool down your smoker to that temp?

  • Scott W. says:

    Tried this and it did turn out excellent, but I few things: 1. As someone above mentioned, a picture of the foiling would be nice. 2. Shredding heat from 500 to 325 in 30 minutes is overoptimistic and 3. The brining seems overelaborate (and kinda pricey) and next time I think I will simply rub the turkey with kosher salt and brown sugar.

  • Mr. Obvious says:

    …open the lid

  • Robert says:

    Haven’t tried this yet sounds tasty!!!

  • Jack Mahaffey says:

    I smoke turkeys on the Vision Grill, and cannot conceive of letting the temperature get to 500 degrees and then having to cook another 4 hours after letting the coals burn down to the point where you can stabilize the temperature at 325. You are essentially starting over. It’s hard for me to keep the temperature from climbing above 300 even with all vents closed. My experience is that a 16 lb turkey is done in 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 300 degrees. If I oil or butter the bird the skin is black by the time I take it out. I don’t understand why my results are so different than what I read here. Maybe I’m using too much coal, but since you can’t replenish the coal on a Vision grill without removing the turkey, grill grate, and lava stone, I might be erring on the side of having too much coal, for fear of running out of fuel before the cook is done. Advice, anyone?

  • Leah Herron says:

    Opening the lid will cause the fire to increase and the temp will go up. To lower the tenp, shut down the air vents to barely open. You can burp the lid a couple times to release some heat, but do not leave the lid open.

  • What the ?? I smoke turkey not fry the hell out of it on a grill at 500. Brine it and then rub with oil and seasonings under the skIn and put it in n smoker for 3 to5 hours with pecan wood at low heat and turn the heat up the last hour or two no foil no lava plate.The best and juiciest turkey u will ever have. Completed time 7 to 8 hours and never get heat over 300, first 5 hours should be 150.

  • Gary H says:

    Well, here we go again. 17.5lb bird. On a very old Imperial Kamado. My trick – to get away from the direct burning heat – is to use two foil pans (pretty small ones – small grill – with the sides and end pushed out, and the corners turned up so the lid will close). I have 3 short pieces of # 3 rebar wrapped in foil and use that as a spacer between the two pans. And using a baster – I keep the bottom pan filled with water. It boils – steam – very moist bird. Other details, in smoking the ‘brined’ bird, other than well seasoned, is I start it – breast side up – at about 350 – 400 (if I can get it right off the bat), rotating once, for the first hour, or so. Then I flip the bird (very carefully – an extra hand helps here), to let the fat melt and drip thru, maintaining high heat for another 1/2 hour, or so. Then smoke for several hours at 250. Turn back breast side up – and continue to smoke at 250 until done.

    Occasionally (today may need to be one of those days) if I need to meet the dinner bell on time, I may turn it back up to 300 – 325, or so, to finish. I figure 6 1/2 hours total today. Apple and Pecan. Have done 2-3 a year for over 25 years now. Have never had a single one not turn out perfect – and very moist all the time.

    Ding – at the 1 hour mark – bye.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all – and have a great smoked turkey today.

  • Michael says:

    All of these ideas sound great. I have a simple way of smoking my turkey. Wash it ,dry it, olive oil, salt and pepper , and Italian seasoning. Lay a good bed of hard wood charcoal in bottom of grill, Separately in a chimney starter some more hard wood charcoal, after fired up add to grill. Stabilize temperature at 275-300 about 20 minutes , add turkey on rack 14 lb about hour and half. Key here is not to let the temperature to go over 300.
    Michael B

  • Joseph F Moroni says:

    You guys are over engineering Turkey grilling on the Vision Grill. You can brine it in a oven bag overnight or not its your choice. I use lump charcoal and cover the bottom of grill with it about 3-4″ deep. I start it with Fat Wood or MAP gas torch lightly used. In the mean time wash out turkey, pat dry. Oil the skin and cavity with olive oil or bacon grease, my favorite. Season with pepper, garlic powder or anything you want. NO SALT, it dries everything out. You can rough chop celery, apple, onions and place into cavity. Sew cavity skin to close cavity. Make sure entire bird is oiled. Always have dry oak or any fruit wood bark off, small chunks ready to use. I soak mine 24hrs so that they don’t burn too fast. The 2nd tier grill you will place water pan, I use boiling water. The fire is ready now, toss 2-3 pieces of wood in, fill up water pan. Your top grill needs a wipe down of oil. Place your Turkey on grill breast up. Place your thermometer in deepest part of breast. Close your lid. Top air vent should be between 1-2, bottom air vent 3-5. I try to keep steady temp about 300-325 degrees. for a 20lb Turkey your looking at 4-4.5 hrs.
    Check temperature every hour, add more to maintain temperature, add boiling water to water pan as needed. After Turkey reaches 165 degrees, remove and rest 30 minutes.

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